Jonathan Patterson

Congratulations to OC-NBA past president, Jon Patterson, on his promotion to National Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Human Resources at Compassion & Choices and his honorable mention by the University of Oregon’s 100 alumni who made a difference!

Jon started in his new role in July 2019. Prior to being a national director, Jon was a staff attorney at Compassion & Choices. Working in Human Resources is no small task. Let’s support Jon in this role.

In the summer of 2019, the UO released its list of its 100 Ducks who made a difference. The list features Jon along with Derrick Bell Jr., Mabel Byrd, and William Sherman Savage, to name a few, and its purpose is to recognize those who have positively contributed to the Oregon community. Thank you Jon, for your contributions to advancing equity within the Oregon legal community.

Do you have an accomplishment you want us to share? Do you know someone who we should recognize? Let us know. We want to hear about what you all are doing.

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